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Poster: AlecWest Date: Aug 11, 2006 11:40am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Issues with items content?


First, let me say that it's obvious I've been ranting about something you know much more about ... and that my suppositions were flawed. I apologize if you took offense.

One question, though. If KING OF THE ROCKET MAN is copyrighted, and if the Archive knew it was copyrighted over a year ago, why do the files still exist on Archive space? They might be protected by "permissions" ... but the files are still there.

You wrote: "King of the Rocketmen in 1976, R645401, R645406, R645411;..."

According to the Copyright Office, records are assigned one of nine possible 2-or-3 letter prefixes - PA, PAU, RE, SR, SRU, TX, TXU, VA, VAU. Did the single-letter prefixes you just mentioned come from a "superlist?"

You wrote: "the last wasn't."

Well, actually it was. RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON, the serial currently online at the Archive, merely had its name changed by Republic Pictures. They turned the 12-chapter serial into a 12-episode TV series titled:


The copyright record numbers are RE88812-RE88825 (with a few numbers missing in between). It's on LOCIS, last recorded in 1981.

But please don't take it down if no one has complained (grin).

You wrote: "I ask that they contact me first so I can check before all the time and energy is wasted."

Perhaps the create page should be changed, then, so uploaders can first submit the basic information on the title to be uploaded ... so it can be checked first, as you say, instead of encouraging people to upload (as the page currently does) only to disappoint some later. This would seem the prudent thing to do since most people only have access to LOCIS (and not the superlists). And sometimes, even LOCIS can provide conflicting data.

Example. Recently, I checked LOCIS for the title, "The Dark At the Top of the Stairs," the 1960 film starring Robert Preston and Dorothy McGuire. LOCIS showed no record so (sigh) I uploaded the film:

Later, after some discussion with others about LOCIS, I did a second search ... this time, removing the first "The" in the title. And sure enough, there it was. Oddly, the copyright record (RE381047, 1988) is listed as "The Dark At the Top of the Stairs" ... but it can only be found in a search for "Dark At the Top of the Stairs."

I sent an "error" report, telling them I found a copyright record ... but never got an autoreply back from it. So, I'm wondering if they got the report. Anyway, it's still online and should not be.

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Poster: Rick Prelinger Date: Aug 11, 2006 6:16pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Issues with items content?

Before 1978, the Copyright Office numbered renewals in the "R" series. When the 1976 Copyright Act took effect (on 1 Jan 1978), they switched to the new prefixes that Alec cites.

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Poster: AlecWest Date: Aug 11, 2006 11:02pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Issues with items content?

Thank you, Rick. This has been quite an education. My local library has both "Film Superlist" books. On my next day off, I think I'll pay them a visit and have a look-see.

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Poster: A/V Geek Skip Date: Aug 11, 2006 2:17pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Issues with items content?

It could be that the renewals were 'RE'and 'R' was a shorthand.

I guess that "COMMANDO CODY - SKY MARSHALL OF THE UNIVERSE" would be considered a new work based on older material. It has a new title, probably was edited down a little, maybe new music and intertitles, etc. I'm a layman, so I'm not an authority.

Titles can be a problem on LOCIS, especially when a film is part of a series and is listed by the individual chapter name.

I'll pass your suggestions regarding the create page on to the IA folks.

Honestly, we are both on the same team here and I appreciate your (and others) devotion to getting the stuff online. We just have to play by the rules (even though they seem quite unfair).